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GIO Stadium Canberra


Sponsorship Opportunities

GIO Stadium Canberra offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities to suit all businesses. Our primary forms of sponsorship include:

  • Big Screen Signage
  • Fixed Signage, and
  • E-Signage

Why Advertise through GIO Stadium Canberra?

Stadium sponsorships are unlike conventional forms of advertising as they allow brands to quickly and effectively communicate with diverse audiences of thousands.

The 2013 NRL season at Canberra Stadium attracted more than 140,000 attendees and a television audience of more than two and a half million. The 2013 Super Rugby Union season at Canberra Stadium attracted more than 100,000 attendees and a television audience of around 600,000 viewers.

GIO Stadium also frequently hosts special events –  including the Monster Energy Super X Australasian Supercross Championships, Qantas Wallabies, Rugby League World Cup, Nitro Circus, Qantas Socceroos and more –  all of which attract tens of thousands of attendees and millions of television viewers.

Canberra Stadium sponsors reach audiences through:

  • Direct advertising by the venue itself
  • Direct impressions received by people attending events
  • Miscellaneous non-paid mentions in newscasts and articles
  • TV and radio coverage of events at the venue
  • Additional advertising by event promoters
  • Word-of-mouth

The Benefits of Stadium Sponsorship

There are generally five principle objectives of sponsorship:

  1. to gain publicity
  2. to create entertainment opportunities
  3. to foster favorable relationships and build associations
  4. to assist the community and
  5. to create promotional opportunities.

Sports sponsorship is a medium that offers high visibility through extensive radio, television, press and online coverage of events - often at a fraction of the cost of team or player sponsorship. Through stadium sponsorship a brand can claim ownership of the experiences of the audience and the relationship values of businesses related to the stadium if this is in line with the positioning of your brand.

Stadium sponsorship will give your brand extreme visibility and any indirect benefits can include a higher level of favorability amongst the community - having the ability to break through cultural barriers - with the ultimate aim of increasing sales for your business.