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GIO Stadium Canberra


Seating Plan

Seating Plan

Click the image above to view the GIO Stadium Canberra seating plan on-screen or use the link below to download a pdf version.

Notes to Seating Plan

  • The Western Grandstand is the Mal Meninga Stand;
  • The Eastern Grandstand is the Gregan-Larkham Stand;
  • The Mal Meninga Stand includes Bay 7 - 15;
  • The Gregan-Larkham Stand includes Bay 22 - 32;
  • The North, South, East & West Bowls include Bay 50 -79;
  • Corporate Boxes in the Mal Meninga Stand run from Bay 9 -13;
  • Corporate Boxes in the Gregan-Larkham Stand run from Bay 25 -26;
  • Bay 6 is an Alcohol Free Bay.

Seat Numbering

  • Seat numbers start at 1 in each bay running clockwise.
  • Rows start at A (closest to the field) in the inner bowl and AA (closest to the field) in the grandstands.

Covered Seating

  • The roof of the Mal Meninga Stand extends from Bay 8 -14;
  • The roof of the Gregan-Larkham Stand extends from Bay 25 -29.