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GIO Stadium Canberra


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Environmental Policy

ACT Recycling

GIO Stadium Canberra has a vision of a future where the Nation's capital is environmentally stable.

GIO Stadium is proud to be doing its part to help
this vision become reality.

In order to achieve our vision, GIO Stadium has implemented several procedural changes including:

  • Reducing the amount of waste used in the stadium to ensure that 70% of the waste is recyclable.
  • Worm farming any organic waste.
  • Installing waterless urinals in the bathrooms to reduce excess water use.
  • Purchasing 50% GreenPower accredited renewable energy.
  • Sourcing energy from 72 photovoltaic solar panels located around the stadium.
  • Encouraging stadium staff to act environmentally responsible in everyday office situations, such as keeping office air-conditioning use to a minimum.
  • Ensuring the stadium's play field lights are only turned on out of necessity.
  • Performing regular reviews and assessments to help identify peak areas of energy use and devising strategies to help reduce the peak areas.
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